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How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon

How to Get Free and Honest Book Reviews on Amazon

By C.S. Lakin | February 4, 2020

Imagine seeing an ad pop up on Facebook advertising your recently published book—an ad you didn’t pay for. Imagine seeing your book appearing first in a line of recommended books on the product pages of similar books, and you didn’t pay for a sponsored ad. Imagine hearing from readers that they learned about your book […]

Book Title ideas

Book Title Ideas: How to Create a Title That Sells

By C.S. Lakin | January 22, 2020

Struggling with coming up with the perfect title for your book? You’re not alone. In few words, you have to catch the interest of potential readers and, hopefully, get them excited to read your book. Why does a great book title matter? Because not only will it give readers a quick impression of what your […]